Cell Phone Ping

Cell Phone Ping

You Can Do It Yourself by following these four easy steps:

Step One:

Get a Trap Line (http://www.bellescamp.com/)

Step Two:

Configure your trap line to:

·       Block Cell Calls

·       Block Unidentified Calls

Step Three:

Open an account at: http://www.spooftel.com/index.php

Step Four:

Send a SMS message from your Spooftel account

You pick the number to send it to, and the message you want displayed with your trap line.

Note 1:   You can only send two SMS messages to the SAME number in a 24 hour period.

Note 2:   If you want them to call back using a regular number (not an 800#) buy a throw away phone and forward to your 800 trap number. When they call your number their line will be trapped just like as if they called your 800 trap line.

Note 3:   There is a site that does this legally at a reasonable rate – https://nonpub.com/shop/searches/phone-probe/

Here is some sample messages:

1.         Flowers have arrived! Call 1-866-711-1016 to complete delivery.  www.FlowersByFrank.com

2.         A package has arrived for you; call 1-888-853-6899 to schedule your delivery.  www.InterstateParcelPost.com

3.         You WON!!  Call 213-359-4779 to receive your prize!

4.         We have a variety of unique and legal ways that one can use.

Enjoy, I hope it helps – this puts you in control of the message you’re sending and the cost is $0.50/message.

Thank you,

Patrick Baird

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