As the Crow Flies: Distance Calculator

As the Crow Flies: Distance Calculator

I had this question come-up recently…

A man had a restraining order against him and had to stay beyond a specific amount of area.  The man moved to a neighboring apartment complex within a close proximity to the person he was court ordered to stay away from.  He knew that if he drove/walked there it would be a sufficient amount of space to stay outside his court ordered limit of exposure.  However, he wanted to make certain that his new residence would not affect the restraining order.  He needed to know the exact distance with an “As the Crow Flies: Distance Calculator.” He asked what how to find out the as the crow flies distance from his new apartment to the residence he was ordered to stay away from.

I had another investigator inquire about the same issue, different circumstances; he had a drug sales case where they have charged his client with selling within 1000 feet of a certain school. The attorney attempted to estimate this through Google Maps, but feels that is was insufficient.

I found this site that does exactly what they both needed to know:


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